Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tremble at His Word

"this is the one to whom I will look:
he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word"
-Isaiah 66:2

Oh how I want to be the one He looks upon!!!
1) To be humble- I'm terrible at this. Even when I clean the toilet, I refuse to use it until Andy comes home, just to be sure he'll notice how clean the room smells and looks and be impressed by how great a homemaker I am. Seriously? I even have a pride battle in how well clean my bathroom? That's awful. I LONG to joyfully see my absolute need for Jesus (real humility) and rejoice in him fully because of that. Only humility allows the right and good picture of Him.

2) To be fully repentant and disgusted by my sin (contrite in spirit). Not just "guilty feelings" because that is really just a pretty term we put on our sinful desire to stay in our sin and not repent and turn away.

3) and to tremble at His Word. His Word is key. With a word, God created out of nothing (Gen. 1). With a word Jesus will strike down the nations (Revelation 19). 
In His Word is life. I need His Word. It is the power to transform me. I cannot let the busy-ness of this season of life with small children or the tiredness/depression that creeps in during winter months or so many other things be an excuse. I need His Word to sanctify me... Praise God He is faithful when I'm faithless. And He renews me and sustains me... by His Word:)


Anonymous said...

I hear you, I certianly struggle in these areas! Thanks for sharing and encouraging to move forward!

steffiejoy said...

Thanks Ginny! I am so renewed by just reading this!