Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waiting... to kiss

Another powerful lesson I learned in the beginnings of my relationship with Andy was through our physical relationship. I shared before that we waited to even kiss until we were married. I want to say we were pure throughout our lives and the wedding day was a huge first for us, but that's simply not true. We made different poor choices at varying degrees in past relationships.

We came into our relationship wounded from our past sin, desiring to this time honor God fully, and a little unsure where to begin. It was here that I learned how very true it is that God makes all things new through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sin. As we had a conversation confessing to one another and offering each other forgiveness, God broke into my heart to see a glimpse of His grace. I felt a physical burden lifted as we forgave each other. I felt a confidence in God as Andy bowed his head and humbly prayed for God to show us what boundaries to place in our relationship and a joyful hope that He really would enable us to keep the boundaries He called us to set.

And HE did! There is no more exciting and joyous memory for me than my wedding day. Kissing Andy was an instant reminder that God redeems all that our sin destroys (Psalm 130)! I remember beaming in church the next morning telling all my friends who prayed for us how wonderful our first night together was (Sorry Mom and Gigi for that detail!) It was so pure and natural and exactly as I dreamed of since I was young. God kept us pure and then rewarded us with His abundance. Truly beautiful.

I'm not proud of either of our sin, but elated by the lavishness of God's forgiveness and grace as He made all things new in us.

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