Thursday, June 9, 2011

Andy and Ginny: The Beginning

I thought I’d take a few posts and give you a little glimpse into me. So in the next few posts I’ll share one of my favorite God stories: how Andy and I met, fell in love, and were married. Enjoy!

Andy and I met in 1998 as freshmen at West Virginia University. We were both in Campus Crusade for Christ. Andy likes to say that he thought I was a senior, so he never talked to me. I was once asked to drive Andy and his girlfriend to a fall retreat. I quickly went and found two friends to invite so that my car would be full. Ha!

Over the years, we ran in the same circle of close-knit friends and we became good friends. We even double dated once (me with my college boyfriend and him with his college girlfriend). Once, when I was thinking of leaving the ministry because I was steeped in sin, Andy said, “Ginny. I’m not your Crusade friend. I’m your friend. If you leave, you’re still in my life.” It was so thoughtful and so timely. God used it to encourage me to come back to the ministry and be restored in truth.

Andy moved in with a friend that I often hung out with. This was a huge turning point in our friendship. Chris was usually late to meet me and Andy would entertain me and chat while I waited for Chris. Our friendship began to grow to a point where I'd come to hang out with both Chris and Andy.
Our Junior year, both of us had dramatic encounters with our sin and with our gracious and forgiving God. Mine was a breaking point while visiting family in Hawaii, his was the same week but at a Christmas conference in DC. That next semester, we both just couldn’t get enough of Jesus and often had exciting discussions about all we were learning. We both made choices to follow Him that involved remaining single for a season, so the friendship had a clear boundary, but it sometimes seemed kind of fuzzy to me…

Stay tuned for my next post to hear the rest of our story...

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