Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 Questions About Posts I Wrote This Year

I've almost been blogging for a year now! Wow. That is so exciting! I'll post a few blogs sharing how I am learning to manage time well as a blogger soon. But today, I'm filling out a 7 question blog survey:
  1. Your most beautiful post.- The post that I have a super soft spot for is Remembering. Teaching my  boys how good it is to remember those we have loved that are gone has been so good and meaningful to our family.
  2. Your most popular post. Hands down this is my post on A Fallen Idol- How One Man's Sin Exposed My Own. Within a day I had hundreds of people who read it and those thoughts are still read daily by people. My close second though is my anniversary post of 9 years In Pictures. Funny how different those posts are!
  3. Your most controversial post. I've had a few. The series I seem to get the most feedback on is how we discpiline our children. Some people love it and others think we're crazy. And they write to let me know.
  4. Your most helpful post. People seem to like reading about our traditions, but I think the most helpful posts have been when God blows me away through His Word. The best lesson I've learned is In Humility, Count Others More Significant. So that post seems like the most helpful to me for people who want flourishing relationships that honor God.
  5. A post whose success surprised you: Boasting On Facebook. It was huge for me as I wrote it, but I never expected people to even notice it. I was floored when people were reposting it and began sharing with me as they hashed through their own facebook profiles. It was really cool to see how we spurred each other on.
  6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved. There are SO many- ha!!! Here are a few: How God rocked me in missions: They Knew Jerrry Springer, not Jesus, what God taught me about fighting others vs. suffering willingly: Outside the Camp, and all I learned through Psalm 131 about quieting myself.
  7. The post that you are most proud of. Not sure there is one. But there are many that learning the lessons I posted really shaped and changed meOne post that I like to look back at is called All About the Home?. As I wrote that post, I felt like God clarified His call for me at this life stage of "Mom of young kids" in such specific ways.

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