Thursday, October 20, 2011

Read to Your Kids

I love reading to our kids and we are regulars at our library. We are always excited to find a new author (to us) that captures our imaginations and stirs our hearts. My favorite kid authors are the ones who provide opportunities to show Christ and talk about hard things with my kids, but do it in an adventurous and exciting way. Here is a short list of some of the most often read books in our home.

1) Sammy and His Shepherd, Susan Hunt- I've written an entire post about this book in the past. It's a sweet series of stories of Psalm 23 through the eyes of a sheep named Sammy and his friend from another pasture.

2) RC Sproul is a favorite author of Jimmy's (age 5) All of his books are fantastic. I listed the ones we read regularly in the order I like them.

3) The Squire and the Scroll, Jennie Bishop - great book about a boy, knights, a dragon, and gaining wisdom through God's Word!

4) Tell Me the Story, Max Lucado- series of short stories. I love the first two about creation and the fall.

5) Tell Me About Heaven, Randy Alcorn- I wrote a post on this, too. I believe this is the best resource available for talking to young kids about heaven and new earth.

6) Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis- Such an engaging classic series and fun family read (for older children)

7) Francis Chan has a few great kids books that our new reader just started reading:

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