Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Much Time Do I Blog?

A few people have asked how much time I take to blog weekly. Since my heart in blogging is to pour Christ into my home and out to others, I feel really strongly that I need to guard my time here. I hate how poorly I manage my time on facebook (I'm once again committed to moderation there). So here, I purposefully guard my time by blogging ahead.

The answer is, I don't spend time blogging weekly at all. I make a list of a few months worth of ideas (which are added to pages worth of ideas I came up with before I ever began this blog) and save links to posts I've read that I want to pass on during naptime when I see one or think of it. Then, on the first week of the month, I blog during naptime for the entire next month. I blog enough to publish two posts per week that I schedule to release automatically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have flexibility  built in for anything that I may want to add in as the month goes on during weekends. That's it. I don't blog any other time. The rest of my time is for my family and other priorities God gives me.

God has honored that desire and for an entire year, I have been able to keep that boundary. It helps me enjoy blogging without going overboard. And I love blogging. What a neat opportunity to share what He's teaching me, confess my sin to you all for accountability, remember His grace, and be reminded of ways to direct our hearts towards Him throughout the year in new ways. He has used it in my life to help me be open in my own life and to learn how to share Him in this different platform. I'm so blessed to be a blogger! Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I'm so very thankful.

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