Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What A Blind Baby Shows Dad

I recently read a powerful blog post by Mike Anderson on the Resurgence blog. He spoke very candidly about his daughter who was born mostly blind at birth and all that God has been teaching him about Himself in 11 weeks since she's been alive.

1. The God of the universe grieves- He shares how much it hurt to know his daughter can't see him and how he realized how much God grieves when we are spiritually blind and don't see Him.

2. The God of the universe comforts his kids He is learning firsthand that God doesn't leave us in our suffering, but sends His comforter, His Spirit.
3. The God of the universe is Holy—he makes great things come from situations of suffering- He quotes John 9:1-7 to show how the man's blindness was not because of sin but for God's glory to be shown greater.
4. The God of the universe heals- He understands the length God went through to heal our spiritual blindness and restore us, because there is no obstacle (money, time, etc.) that he wouldn't face to try to give his daughter her sight.

I'm praying for Mike, Jen and their daughter, Violet, but also praising God for the great way He revealed His glory to me in Mike's raw and solid view of God through his daughter's disability. God loves us with such depth and Mike's story was a powerful reminder of God's grace and love to me. May God continue to use them to proclaim His glory.

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