Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on Baby Violet

She can see!!!!! Read Mike's blog for his incredible perspective and her sweet picture.

Praise God!!! One highlight from his post:

"God loves that his children see him

When we got Violet home from surgery, took off the metal shields that were guarding her eyes, she soon began looking at Jen and I then smiling with her big dopey grin. I'm sure we just look like blurry white circles to her—but she knew her mommy and her daddy were there and she saw us for the first time.
Wow. It's amazing that first time your baby sees you and responds. God is a Father... I'm positive that when folks are praying to him in faith for the first time or having a moment of clear worship, he's absolutely thrilled. I can promise you, God is way happier than you when you respond to him in faith."

I have been happily imagining how my faith steps delight God so much more than me. It feels so good when we obey God and seek Him and have moments of depth of intimacy with Him in prayer and song. Can you believe that He delights in those connections even more than we do? i LOVE that! God is so incredibly good.

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