Thursday, November 17, 2011


A friend posted a facebook status that has just SO amped me up to live for Jesus fully. I wanted to share her wisdom with you (bold/underlines are added to highlight my favorite parts):

‎"Self-love, self-acceptance & self-promotion. Love yourself. Be true to yourself. Live to yourself..."...we live in a culture that so lacks balance...we preach this message to thousands of women who are starving themselves, surgically enhancing themselves and desperately trying to fit the far-from-realistic model of altered "feminine beauty" our culture promotes. 

This message brings only momentary solution to their intense sense of insecurity... because it is not how the Bible tells us to view ourselves. We are precious to God, and adored by Him...But we are not him... 

We are called to deny ourselves (Mark 8:34) Die to self (Gal. 2:20) to do everything not for our own recognition but to bring praise and glory to God! (Phil 3:4-10)

You want to know the secret to becoming a 'beautiful, radiant princess'?...FORGET ALL ABOUT YOURSELF!...and become COMPLETLEY CONSUMED WITH JESUS CHRIST!!
#My Goal"
- Lauren Greeley

Amen, sweet friend. Such truth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing and spurring me on. 

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