Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Getting Out"

I watched a 52 minute amazing sermon by Tim Keller that has taught me SO much. I learned that:

1) Exodus 14, "the parting of the Red Sea" is a picture of Christ's salvation to come. This passage is not just one way God worked once for his people. It's a picture of God's redemption. That's why it's mentioned over and over again in both Old and New Testaments. It's that important. God saves His people through a Mediator (Moses, the mediator, is a picture of the true Mediator to come, Jesus-see Luke 9 and Hebrews 3 &4) and God's people cross over by grace out of their bondage. What a picture of our great Savior and our own salvation. Beautiful!

2) Water is really a pivotal symbol of God's redemptive plan. In Genesis 1, the Spirit of the Lord hovers over the water and then things happen... creation from water. Then, when everyone falls away, God sends a great flood to "de-create"... In Exodus 14, the Egyptians are "de-created" as the water swallows them up and the israelites cross over through the Mediator. Also seen in Jonah, as he tells the others on the boat to throw him into the sea to save themselves- and of course, Jesus (the greater Moses, who takes on our sin and compares his death/resurrection to Jonah) modeled baptism, which uses water to show the "de-creation" of our sins through his death/resurrection and our "re-creation" in Him.

3) God gave the Israelites the law after they crossed over, not before. They didn't obey the law and then get to cross over the sea into safety. They were saved by grace and then given the law. What a good reminder to me that my kids don't need me to give more law. They need grace. They need the gospel. They need Jesus. Then their hearts will be open to the law.

I haven't even scratched the surface of all God has taught me through this one sermon, but I want to encourage you to watch it and be blessed too!

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