Thursday, July 14, 2011

Defending Myself

"When we face opposition, the temptation is to fix our attention on ourselves—justifying​ ourselves, proving ourselves and defending ourselves.The other temptation is to become obsessed with our opponents, allowing their words and their scorn to ring in our ears. Instead, we need our ears ringing with the Word of God. Our eyes need to be fixed on Jesus. Our goal needs to be his glory. When we know the God who is great and awesome, we know that the battle belongs to the Lord."
I'm recognizing how little I "overlook" offenses. I often sit in judgement over "the offender" or plan my defense.When I do that, I am missing grace. This quote is such a sweet rebuke to me. A reminder to go back and fix my eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). Look to Him and His grace and forgiveness. Pray, reflect on His Word, and seek Him in those moments when I'm tempted to replay "the offense" in my mind. I need to confess my own sin in it and receive His sweet grace. And then... trust Him. Thankful for that timely encouragement.

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The Aspenberg Family said...

Thanks for posting this Ginny, so incredibly timely for me today! God is so good! His grace is amazing, his love for us is overwhelming in a good way, so thankful for your heart my friend!