Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Is Risen #3- Resurrection Eggs

Andy and I agreed early in our marriage that the focus of our family traditions should always be to stay our hearts on Jesus. But there are some traditions I grew up with and loved that aren't Christian. And many traditions our kid's friends have aren't Christian either, but could point to Christ... if we're intentional.

Easter eggs are an example. Eggs really have nothing to do with Jesus, but I grew up hunting for them and love that memory. Family Life created an outreach to use Easter eggs to teach the gospel story to children. They are called resurrection eggs and we LOVE them!

Jimmy, age 3: "Jesus died to pay for our sin, but he beat death. So, if we ask, we can beat death too."
So our kids hunt for eggs each Easter, just like many kids in America. But these eggs each have a toy inside to help prompt each part of the gospel. It has a small booklet that gives the specific Bible passages and a short summary of each story.

Jimmy, age 4. "Look, I found one!"
We play with them all month. We love to watch Miss Pattycake's Eggstravaganza dvd where she explains each egg and we also read a sweet story that goes along with them (called Benjamin's Box). Jimmy now knows them so well that on Easter morning, he proudly shares the gospel through them for everyone else who is celebrating with us to hear. He loves being the story-teller. And I love that this fun tradition has a redeeming value.
Age 4: full basket, found the first toy to tell the story
Thank you FamilyLife (and Gigi for giving them to us)!

* BTW-I have several friends who have made homemade versions of these and even give them as gifts.  fun family project!

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