Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Sin is Beautiful

Is sin ever good? The short answer is no. Though God certainly allows sin and uses people’s sin for our good at times. Sin may not be good, but, seeing our sin is beautiful.

You really don't have to teach sin. My youngest, Caleb happily went back and back to pull on our blinds (as I would say "no." and move him away) as soon as he could roll on the floor. Jimmy used to run away when we’d say come and went through a painful few months of defiantly coming out of his room well after we had put him to bed for the night over and over again. 

One thing I really love about sin being exposed so easily in Jimmy is how it gives him a chance to see it. Though I don't remember anyone teaching me that I was good, I grew up actually believing I deserved love and was good (oh my). As we discipline Jimmy when we see these sin snares he runs to, he sees over and over again how he can't measure up. But it doesn't end there with him not measuring up. That's the beauty of the gospel applied to our lives... It reveals how sinful and undeserving we are, but also how gracious and loving a God we have who has come to save us.

We’ve had a couple conversations in the midst of correction where he actually said, “I am always bad. Mommy. Why can’t I just obey?” Through tears at times I have lovingly shared with him that only One is good. Only Jesus. And that the depth of Jesus' love for His own is shown by his death for us while we still hated him. He has not left us in our sin, but instead promises forgiveness and life forever for those who are His. Simply because we are His. Not because we deserve it, but because He loves us. What a beautiful truth to see because sin is exposed.

Another thing I love (and hate at times) about our boys’ sin as it comes out is what it draws out in us. I’m amazed at how embarrassed I get when they do anything wrong in public, or the anger that boils up when either of them says unkind things to me. It provides (sometimes painful) opportunities for me to see my sin (which I try to hide) as it comes out and go back to the gospel and remember how I need a Savior and how Jesus has fully covered my sin and makes me new. I need to go back and back to remember. My kids help me daily.

So I see Jimmy’s sin as a teachable moment for us both.  His sin exposes my sinful pride. And when Jimmy sees how he sins again and again, it provides an opportunity for him to hear the gospel and for it to take root in his heart.  So sin isn’t good, but seeing our sin and turning from it to Christ is beautiful.


Nicole said...

oh, I feel you, Gin! I recognize a need to confess my own sin in how I respond to Micah when he makes bad choices - especially the same sin over and over! I ask him to use his nice voice, when I myself am using an angry tone with him! it's so easy to respond impatiently, but God can give us the grace to be patient and loving and wise in our response. I pray that I would remember to ask for that!

Ginny said...

thankful I'm not alone. Kids are such a major glimpse into our own hearts. I'm so very thankful for that measuring stick in my life. And thanks for the reminder that He gives us grace to love like Him. He is so good. I'll pray for you in it too, friend:)