Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Life: Say “ I Love You”

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”- 1 John 4:7

I've been thinking a lot about how we are called to build one another up in love and spur each other on towards Christ. Sometimes I think we get caught up in ourselves and miss it.

Yet, I've been so spurred on at times when people have encouraged me intentionally. And sometimes just encouraging others brings such joy and excitement for God as well. 

 I want to encourage you to tell people that you love them and some reasons why. As I know more and more how God loves me, it should compel me to love others. One of the simplest ways we show love to others is by telling them! I believe we can do this in big ways and small.

1)    Say “I love you. And I’m thankful that you….” when you see him/her.

2)     Make a short list of things you love about each family member and read it in person to immediate family and send it in cards and emails to extended family.

3)     Call (or send a text, facebook message, or e-mail) affirming something specific you’ve recently noticed about the person

4)    Send a card and write in it something you appreciate about the person and sign that you love them

5)    Pray for them when they come to mind and then tell them you did

Will you take this challenge with me and share with someone that you love them and God loves them even more?

I’d love to hear creative ways you’ve shared that you love someone. Or share about someone who impacted you when they told you they love you. Leave a comment with your story below!


Anonymous said...

It's a slight bit different, but this reminds me of a pact my neighbor and I made to try and lessen the tension of a volunteer group we were both in. We'd noticed there was a lot of stress and petty arguments in the group and that less and less volunteers were showing at each meeting. So we made a pact to tell one person in the group each day (call, email, or face-to-face) why we liked and appreciated them or complimented them (especially good for the people we didn't know as well). We'd thank them for a volunteer act or mention that we liked them for a positive attribute. Sometimes it was just "those are gorgeous shoes" but the idea was to give something positive to each member before the next meeting (and a few extras the night of the meeting).

It was amazing how it grew...we heard many more positives toward each other and more people volunteered for things (often within their praised group...the gal who I thanked for teaching me how to create a budget signed up to be the next treasurer).

I've tried to keep this going in my personal life. I know I have a tendancy to remember slights and bad things more than the good things and kindnesses which people do or say to me. I'm working on being more upbeat and noticing the happy things. But mostly I'm working on commenting on those positive things, so that others realize how they positively impact people (or at least me *smiles*).

-- Mary

Ginny said...

wow. that's awesome. and wise. and yeah- i'm horrible at holding onto the bad too:(

funny you commented though. i always think of you because you are so good at affirming people (and giving good gifts!). thanks for sharing- i feel loved that you read my blog AND commented:)