Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrating CHRISTmas: Post #4 CHRISTMAS DAY- Finally Here!

In my last post, we left off Christmas Eve after reading Luke 2 from Daddy’s Bible and filling out paper ornaments that shared what we love about Jesus.
 When we wake up Christmas morning, the first thing we do is our stocking hunt:
-Jimmy hunts through the upstairs of our house for small "stocking stuffers" that are wrapped. Each has one of the ornaments we filled out the night before in it. We read it in praise to God for Jesus. We raise our hands and say "Praise the Lord that Jesus always obeyed the Father" or "Praise the Lord that Jesus is God!"

-Once the hunt is over, we slow down and Andy prays thanking God for sending Jesus. I need this small moment the most, because it redirects my heart away from "tradition" and back to the precious gift of Jesus, "The Lord Saves". Then, we RACE downstairs to "hang" the ornaments on our paper tree and see how the house looks (remember, we decorated while the kids slept) all decorated for Jesus' birthday!

Our next big fun is to go to the table for our "Happy Birthday Jesus!" party- and sing and blow our kazoos and EAT CAKE (very fun 1st thing in the morning!!!!) While eating the cake, we read the whole Christmas story from the kids Bible that we've read in chunks all month. (This is a good time because while eating cake, we have full attention to the story)

-Then we read forward to the Wise Men bringing gifts to Jesus, the "King of Kings", to worship Him. We share that as we give each other gifts, it reminds us of God's perfect gift to us, Jesus. And that giving gifts gives us an opportunity to show how we love each other! THEN WE OPEN GIFTS (from us, not Santa)

In response to questions I’ve received, I’ll do one more post in this series to share some thoughts on Santa.

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