Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daddy dates

I loved this post from the resurgence on Daddy-dates and think every Dad I know should read it!

What a sweet idea. I remember Monday night Chinese dinners with my dad when my mom was on a board and at her meetings. He could have just ordered something in and sat in front of the tv, but instead, he took my sister and I out each week and spent time with us. Those memories are cherished and my relationship with my Dad is still real and precious. I think that regular time with him affirmed His love for me and I'm so glad he took time to show me in action.

My kids have an incredible father who regularly takes them fishing, makes special pancake breakfasts, buys matching pjs, and has lots of tickling and wrestling time set aside for them. It takes time together to pour into your kids. I'm thankful Andy does the hard work and gets to enjoy the fun of it.
typical Daddy tickle/wrestle floor time in our home...
But back to the link. Here's one of my favorite parts of the Daddy date post:
"Charisse is three and a half years old right now and it is just now getting to where it isn’t really weird. Seriously dads, it is awkward to sit with a one year old at Chick-Fil-A and watch them eat. You have no idea what to talk about, you have no idea what is going on in their minds, you can’t discuss current events with them. It’s weird. But it's really worth pushing through it because one day, when they are able to have conversations, you won’t be a stranger because you’ve always been there."

I encourage you to read the article. pass it on to Daddy friends. Encourage them to pour their time into their kids and speak love to them in that special way. It shows the love of Christ in such a real and tangible way. And it builds memories that they can keep forever- even once their kids are grown. They won't regret it.

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