Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Was Our Present-less Christmas?

I blogged last month (read the posts here and here) about our choice this Christmas to give up receiving gifts and instead seek Christ together and give to the least of His people. Have you wondered if our Christmas day was odd without getting gifts?

It was hands-down the most incredible Christmas I've ever experienced. We kept our traditions of writing things we love about Jesus on paper ornaments (but skipped stocking stuffers attached), eating birthday cake, and reading/acting out Luke 2 and Matthew 2. I just felt overwhelmed by the truth that Jesus IS THE treasure our hearts seek. And He so freely gave Himself to us. I'm so beyond thrilled to be His and the time we had to reflect and pour Him into our kids all morning served as a sweet reminder to me of Jesus as THE gift. 

And then we went online to give through Gospel for Asia. That was so much fun and such an amazing feeling. We really are so very rich and it felt so right to spend our riches giving to meet others needs. We spent lots of time together all day which is precious to me. We talked/facetimed family who live far away. We watched some Christmas movies and relaxed together. We played. We ate our cookies and candy and enjoyed our traditional dinner feast to celebrate Jesus and it was a full day. 

Honestly- we really didn't notice the present part was missing. It surprised me how quickly the day went and with no fighting, fussing, or mess and clutter. The boys were completely unphased by it and excited to give to people with real need. Jimmy chose a water buffalo as his gift and couldn't wait to tell all our family about it. It was a little odd, but really cute (and funny). Andy and I had such a relaxing Christmas season and Christmas Eve without the pressure of shopping and wrapping and we got really into picking where our funds could best be used. Andy has always wanted to give a well to a village (so we did) and has such a heart for missionaries (so we gave many bicycles). I really wanted to help the disabled (we gave special adult tricycles) and the widows and orphans. Jimmy and Caleb LOVED giving animals- rabbits, chickens, even a camel. In the end we felt so rich and so fulfilled. It was amazing.

In reflection of the day, I am just so thankful for this fresh and new experience. It was so good and so exciting. I want to live like this all year long, not just on Christmas.

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