Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does Your Home Feel Organized?

Tis the season for renewed vigor at seeking Christ, caring for our bodies, loving our family better, and getting our homes in shape. I thought I'd share my favorite book for gaining a vision for your home and simplifying it. It's a book called Organized Simplicity. It's awesome! In it, Tsh has tips for scheduling, calendars, etc. and takes you through an actual step by step/room to room process to a clean home, but first has you set a mission and vision with your husband for your family, home, and then evaluate how each room fits that. It radically changed how we fill our home.
They wanted to play together, but I wanted safety
Example: We realized as we went though that Jimmy's room wasn't fitting our family. Because he had a toddler brother and lots of small toys, his door always had to be closed. But Jimmy never went in there because he hated being alone. So we sorted through, giving away some toys and added shelving and bins to his closet, making room for his closet to be home to the toys with small parts and books he chose to keep. This freed his room to be open daily for he and his brother to play in. During his brother's nap time, Jimmy would open the closet and play with the other toys and books. And he LOVED it that way! Now they even share a room because they love spending time together so much (Well- maybe more because we knew a new baby was coming).  And we had no clue how the set up of his room hindered our family until we evaluated it against our vision for our family and home!

I encourage any of you rethinking how your home is to check out Tsh's book. It's a gem.

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Virginia Knowles said...

We're working on organization too! That was a really good point about thinking through the use of the bedroom and the dynamics of your family.