Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Life-Changing Books

I have SO many resources that I love, but I want to share a few gems that I hope will hit your reading list, too.

1) the Daily Walk Bible- Though it's not super insightful, it's special to me because it's the Bible I first used to read through God's Word from Genesis to Revelation. That time impacted me and began a habit of reading through the Word. I have grown to know God in such deeper ways and even know His Word so much better because of the habit started by this Bible format. Really, I would just encourage you to pick a Bible and reading plan that best fit you and read it. This has impacted my life more than ANY other thing I've ever done.

2) Don't Waste Your Life, John Piper- I remember bawling on a plane in Panama when I read a page where he spoke as a father pleased with us for seeking God. My dad loves me (a lot), but that is something he doesn't understand about me and to hear a father encourage me that my life is unwasted when Christ is the treasure freed me in such cool ways.

3) The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn- Small book, HUGE financial wisdom

4) Thin Within- Besides the obvious thrill of a 75 lb. weight loss when I read and applied this, it opened me up to grace in seeking God (not more law- like every other weight loss program or book I've ever tried. and I've tried many.) for my health, body, and eating. It introduced me to the idea that God truly redeems ALL my sin has destroyed (Psalm 130) and that He guides me in freedom, forgiveness, and moderation.

5) Crazy Love, Francis Chan- Oh this book- WOW! It challenged me to ask if I'm really living what I say I believe. Do I look any different from everyone around me? It challenged me to know God's Word and look nowhere else for who God is, who I am in Him, and how to live in light of that. I came away with a clear vision for my daily life to be a missionary right in my home and neighborhood.

6) Loving the Little Years, Rachel Jankovic- It's a short book, packed with practical advice for pouring the gospel into your kids through daily life in these hands-on and often tiring years. It was such a good reminder to me to look at my heart/attitude daily and my favorite tip is Chapter 5, where she explains emotions to her children using the analogy of a horse and rider.

7) The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom. Her story of living through hiding Jews and Nazi training camps is SO beautiful. It is a classic must-read and filled with pearls of wisdom that come out of hard trial and experiencing God in a very personal way through it.

8) Secret Believers, Brother Andrew- This book gave the BEST look into what life is like for muslim background believers and how to pray for them. The second half challenged me to look at how I've viewed "enemies" and how God is calling me differently. It is an easy read, filled with true stories, and gives amazing challenges to American Christians to care for our Muslim background Believer brothers and sisters.

9) Shepherding A Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp- Great help for what biblical correction is and isn't and how to apply it during toddler and early elementary years. I literally have page numbers memorized for the parts that I reread the most (I've blogged a whole series based on this book and a Paul Tripp dvd series)

10) Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers- Fictional look at the book of Hosea set in California gold rush early American days that is SO well written and encouraging. What a sweet glimpse of God's grace and rescue given as we (like the character Angel) run back to our sin again and again.

I LOVE a good resource, so I may share more of my favorites in another post someday soon! Maybe break them down into my top picks for marriage, parenting, missions, Christian living, fiction, etc... I'm thankful for books that bring more than entertainment- they breathe life into us, so I wanted to share some with you. Praying the God of His Word comes alive in us more and more as we experience Him daily!


Jonelle said...

Just ordere the treasure principle yesterday....you're the 2nd in a week to recommend it! I'd add (on my list) "finding common ground" by Tim Downs & "Messy Spirtuity" by Mike Yaconelli & "Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis. :)

Amanda said...