Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Days to the Glory of God #2

I shared in my first post that I desire to do more than just entertain my kids on long indoor days. I want to engage their hearts and pour Christ into them. I know many of you are facing the same long days we do with the same desire for your time to be spent pouring into them. So here is another handful of ideas for yucky weather indoor days spent for the glory of God:

1) Pray for family members. Then make construction paper cards to encourage them with things you love about them. Decorate the cards with stamps, stickers, markers or whatever you have around. This is also a fun time to call people you love and tell them you love them.

2) Teach your kids about the important role a person that loves them has and make a short video to thank them. Example- Teach how God calls the husband to love his wife, provide for his family, etc. Share how God loves what a hard worker Daddy is and we are so thankful for him. Pray for Daddy and then plan and make a short video (usually on my phone) to send to daddy at work to tell him you love him lots and are thankful for how hard he works. This can be repeated and sent by phone or email with grandma, aunts, pastors, teachers, etc.
Fun rainy day treat- Staying in pjs all day!
3) Get out a map and pick a country to “turn the house into” and pretend to be there-  Teach about the climate, the hardships, the neat customs, and what is happening spiritually in that area. Look them up on the internet to learn more about them. Talk about the culture, pray for missionaries and local churches there, make a craft that fits that region,  etc… If it clears up enough, go eat at a themed restaurant for that culture later!
Talking about winter (we don't experience that in FL)
4) Mix water colors or paint to teach how colors blended together make new colors. We do this on a paper plate divided into 6 sections. We put on glob of yellow, red, and blue paint in every other space and then blend the in between spaces with the colors on either side. So, blue and yellow together in the empty space between them make green, etc.  You can do more colors or even use black or white to show shades, etc. Use this time to both teach colors and to talk about how incredibly beautiful God made things with such vibrant colors. Read Psalm 19 and share how all of creation cries His name! Or share colors of the rainbow and what the promise God made through a rainbow to Noah meant. This can even go deeper to show God's promises are always true and that all His promises find their "Yes!" in Jesus.

If you missed the first batch of ideas, you can read them at my first post. Stay tuned for one last post with ideas that don't just entertain, but spur little hearts towards Jesus...

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