Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wife-style more dated than the 1950s...

Last week, I read through comments (on an old post) from a friend’s blog about 1950’s wives. I was struck by how much of a controversy there is about wives roles. I think what struck me as sad was how much emphasis there is on “me” in the debate. But really, marriage, like any relationship, isn’t about me. And when we focus on “me”, even on how “I” serve my husband, we miss Jesus completely.

If I had to choose, I fell on the 1950s side of the debate (though in reality, I’m basing my daily life on a waaay earlier time period than the 50s!) But I'm also aware that serving my husband is not natural to me. Without the Holy Spirit working in me, I'd rather sit around and be served. If I'm honest, there are more times like that than times of serving others.
Just Married- 2002
But I want to serve Andy. I want to because God wants me to and because He already did it for me. Christ was mocked, beaten, rejected, and killed. He willingly laid down His life out of a great love for us. And guess what? I didn't even love him for it. But now He opened my eyes to this great love and I'm enamored by Him. I can't get enough of Him! His love and grace is unending. Wow! And His power is now in me! I can actually love that way because He first loved me(1 John 4:19) and I can willingly put Andy’s interests before mine (Philippians 2:4) because of His power in me (Philippians 2:5).

I'll share in Part 2 of this post three practical examples of living that out in daily life.

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